Our firm is defined by the capabilities we bring to every venture we pursue, no matter the project size or type. They establish our connection to our clients, to those who inhabit the spaces we design, and to the larger urban and natural context into which our work must fit.


Our design process is structured to prioritize these goals and aspirations

01 Design Excellence

We believe that architecture can reflect our highest ambitions and be an enduring testament to our values. It can provide continuity with timeless traditions while giving form to our hopes for the future. Two decades of award winning design provide a model of what thoughtful design can accomplish.

02 Sustainability

Development has a significant impact on the ecosystems that surrounds it as energy, water and air are drawn into and out of buildings. We design in ways that complement the natural patterns of surrounding landscapes, promote healthful living, and minimize the use of non-renewable resources.

03 Accessibility

Buildings are inextricably connected to their sites and communities and must provide access to a diverse range of people. We don't see provisions for accessibility as code compliance afterthoughts, but as an integral part of a Universal Design approach to building - that has received a series of prestigious awards for its success.

04 Affordability

Our work leverages limited resources so that we can accomplish more with less, for a broader range of people. By using low cost materials and existing structures in innovative ways, and harnessing the potential of the space and light that are free to all, we have created useful and inspiring places that serve a diverse society.

05 Engagement

The best buildings are responses to the needs of those who will use them, and are shaped by the surrounding community. In both our planning and architectural projects we structure inclusive - but conclusive - design processes that engage stakeholders in an ongoing dialog on the shaping of our physical environment.

06 Placemaking

Architecture is about making places for movement, for coming together, for withdrawing, and for the incredible range of activities that allow for both community and privacy. We see buildings as vessels that encourage people to form, and to reform, their connections with each other and the world around them.

07 Materiality

Warm woods, cool stones, light fabrics and heavy metals stimulate our senses and remind us of the forces that act on our bodies as we move through space. We choose and details materials in ways that tell us about the skills of the crafts people that fabricated them in the creation of the places we share.