Hanover Housing Master Plan

Hanover, MA

[ THE CHALLENGE ] Develop a range of affordable housing prototypes as models of best practice that can be applied throughout the town. Work with town officials to promote public support and private implementation. [THE RESPONSE ] Four housing approaches reinforce town character while creating walkable communities.

[ STARTER HOME NEIGHBORHOOD ] 1,600 square foot houses, 6 per acre, are clustered around a linear open space that provides a center for the community. Shared driveways and garages off rear alleys minimize paving.

[ MIXED USE VILLAGE ] Housing over retail creates neighborhood centers for what is now a dispersed bedroom community.

[ COMMERCIAL STRIP WITH RESIDENTIAL ] Commercial development is wrapped around a landscaped parking court that leads to clustered townhouses beyond.

[ CLUSTER COMMUNITY ] Development is centered on green spaces while automobiles remain on the periphery.