Commercial + Residences

Abacus works with property owners and business people on a wide variety of commercial development. We have converted old industrial buildings to artists’ studios and live/work lofts, transformed historic structures to meet new needs, and created new stores and restaurants. We believe that the inventive renewal of existing buildings and empty lots contributes to the improvement of entire neighborhoods.

Our houses create radiant environments for family life, offering places for shared celebrations and private contemplation. They reach out their community and natural contexts while providing safe havens in a hectic world. Interiors are thoughtfully laid out to make the best use of relatively small footprints, and open onto outdoor rooms. Spaces are shaped to stimulate the senses, with light and materials playing off of one another. Each house reflects the characters of its occupants, and combines the enduring elements of residential design with an exhilarating expression of contemporary life.

Our houses create radiant environments for family life