Winchendon Community Park
Town of Winchendon

Winchendon, MA

[ THE CHALLENGE ] The Town of Winchendon acquired a large parcel of land dedicated to be a community park. In an effort to develop the park and draw visitors, the town received a grant to perform site improvements, build an outdoor amphitheater, picnic pavilion, and expended parking.


[ THE RESPONSE ] The Robinson Broadhurst Foundation Performing Arts Amphitheater at Winchendon Community Park is the result of a successful collaborative process with the town, including design charrettes and meetings with stakeholders, aimed to integrate seamlessly with the natural landscape, and ensuring an immersive experience for visitors.

The amphitheater seating, defined with landscaped stone walls and strategically placed lighting, is situated within the sloped hillside to create a harmonious and captivating space. The stage features steel and concrete construction – the solid concrete pier, which houses theatrical equipment, acts as an anchor for two fanned steel roofs. The overlapping space between the structural roofs frames scenic views of the trees and water beyond. The structural roof trusses support the dramatic theater lighting for a professional performing space.  The large door to the storage space pivots open to become a backdrop as well as a staging area for performers.

The overall design of both the architecture and landscape complements the surrounding environment, offering picturesque views of Whitney Pond, connection to the local hiking trails, shaded picnic areas, and convenient access via newly paved parking areas.